Which subjects are on offer?
we are specialised in VCE Mathematics. our main courses are Math Methods unit1/2, 3/4 and Specialist Math unit 1/2, 3/4. we also offer chemistry, physics, biology. for Math we have lower grade starting from primary level.
Do we still have classes during school holiday or public holidays?
Yes. iStudy Academy courses run without a break throughout the year including school and public holidays. we only take time off during Christmas and New Years for 3weeks. In case of any cancelations of classes, all the students will be informed in advance.
How and when to enroll?
We are open for enrolment all year round. therefor students are welcome to join us even our courses already have started. Full recorded lessons will be provided for the missed-out lessons. To make an appointment for consultation or enrolment Call us on 0404 701 668 Email us on istudy_academy@hotmail.com
How much is the tuition fee?
$94/ 3hrs (VCE LEVEL main courses Lecture and tutorial) $89/ 3hrs (Yr 9-10 Level PRE VCE courses) $75/ 1.5hrs (Math private lesson) $120/ 1.5hrs (Chemistry lecture private) $90/ 1.5hrs (small group of 2-3 students) $65~$95 (full term course materials) $64/ 1.5hrs (catch-up lecture) $100 (enrolment fee)
What is the payment option?
All the fees must be paid in advance prior to commencement of the course. We accept electronic bank transfer, bank deposit, bank cheque and cash. We do not accept any kinds of card payment such as credit card or debit card.
Where are you located?
Level 1, 687 Whitehorse Road, Mont Albert VIC 3127 We have parking available in front of the entrance.
Opening hours?
Due to Covid our opening hours have changed. we currently operate on Monday 3pm-6pm, Tuesday 3pm-9pm, Wednesday 3pm-9pm, Saturday 1pm-7:30pm and Sunday 9am-5:30pm. all other days appointments only. Please be aware that further changes to opening hours may occur at a short notice.